Why "incremental SonarQube analysis" is deprecated?

My company is using SonarQube of Enterprise Edition Version 7.9.1 (build 27448).
For some projects the scanning will take a long time > 1 hours, and we are trying to use “incremental SonarQube analysis”, but as we all know, the this mode is deprecated (also for ‘issues’ mode).

My question is why this mode is deprecated? Did it have some limitation or potential bugs?


Hi Sai,

In fact the issues mode isn’t just deprecated; it’s removed.

One prominent limitation was that it could only report issues, not metrics. We feel that issues mode has been more than fully replaced by PR analysis.

You didn’t mention what languages these projects use. The latest version of the C++ analyzer does support an incremental mode. Details in the announcement.


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Thanks Ann.
Objective-C is now used. And I will look into the details you mentioned.

Could you please make “only report issues, not metrics” more clear?


Let’s say you’ve set your quality gate to fail on New Blocker Bugs > 0 and Coverage on New Code < 80%. If you were using issues mode to make sure your changes would pass the quality gate you would catch the new bugs, but not realize your coverage wasn’t good enough because issues mode didn’t aggregate metrics, it only raised/reported issues.


Got it, thanks Ann for your kindly help.