Why I can not see bugs from Findbugs on SonarQube?

I have installed Findbugs-Plug-in in Sonarqube and activate it (set as default). I have my maven-project in eclipse. If I run this project, I become 47 bugs and can see all in Bug Explorer. In Run Configuration I have as goal findbugs:findbugs sonar:sonar; as Prameter Name / Value: Dsonar.projectKey/ wawi-db-layer, Dsonar.host.url/ http://localhost:9000, Dsonar.login/ token number, Dsonar.java.findbugs.reportPaths/ /target/findbugsXml.xml. After Run Configuration is my build successfull. But I can not see these 47 bugs in SonarQube. If I use Sonar way I can see 13 bugs. Why these additionaly 47 bugs from Findbugs are not shown in SonarQube? Thanks for help.