Why feed "sonar.java.libraries"?


(Christoph Forster) #1

Continuing the discussion from Incremental Analysis:

Removing the “sonar.java.libraries” I dramatically increased the speed of the Java Analysis.

My question now is: What impact does it have that I removed the configuration?
Or better: What exactly is analyzed when setting the paths to used APIs?

I did not find a documentation what’s the and performing 2 analysis (one with and one without the parameter) does not show any difference in the result.

EDIT: Setting the parameter returns a different Result. But providing a good example what it is used for would nevertheless be good.


(Nicolas Peru) #2


I explained this on stackoverflow, let us know if it requires more explanation : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38989414/why-sonar-requires-binary-files-sonar-binaries/38991509#38991509