Where to find the rule number in Security Hotspots page?


We’ve upgraded to SonarQube 8.2 from an older version. In previous versions, the hotspots used to be mixed with issues, and it was easy to access their rule number via the bottom pane.

However, since we have the new UI (the dedicated Security Hotspots page), we have been unable to find the rule number for the reported rules…

Since we ALWAYS review or exclude security hotspots via the code (via #pragma or SuppressMessage attribute in C# ), we’re kind of stuck… As a workaround, we’ve been manually searching for the rule by name on the Rules page to find its number, but this is not a satisfying solution.

How do you display the rule number directly on the Security Hotspots page?

@Alexandre_Gigleux, or other SonarSourcer,

Could you please advise what happened to the “Rule Numbers” for the “Security Hotspots”? Do they no longer have “Rule #s” or we just can’t see the #operations