Where is the analysis log?

What does the following mean?

Missing blame information for 2 files. This may lead to some features not working correctly. Please check the analysis logs.

@IdanAdar I think that this is about files in the workspace that were modified after checkout. What OS do you have and which product are you using? Knowing that I will be able to point you to log file location. But just an example - for SonarQube all log files are located in folder


SonarQube community edition 8.2

So yes, logs should be in the folder


where $SONARQUBE_HOME stands for the installation folder of SonarQube instance.

So mainly the warning that you see corresponds to some files missing git history. If it’s a blocker for you - try disabling SCM Sensor in the general settings of a SonarQube instance, but this will completely disable some features that rely on source control information.

Would be nice if the files were simply mentioned in the UI?