Where are my previously scanned file results and what does failure 0% coverage mean?

(Brian Haret) #1

I’m running SonarQube scan on swift files and every time I do I can’t find the results from the previous scan???

Also, on one swift file it reports “failure” and 0% coverage. What does this mean?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


The project homepage always reflects the results of your most recent analysis because current project state is what matters most. If you’re looking for historical details, the customizable graphs on the project’s Activity page may help.

Regarding your second question, it really is better to have one question per thread - much cleaner that way. Nonetheless, I’m guessing you’re seeing a red, “Failed” lozenge at the top-left of the project homepage? That means that the project failed its Quality Gate, apparently because it didn’t meet the QG’s coverage requirement. If you’d like to explore this further, please do open a new thread for it.


(Brian Haret) #3


I guess I have to just run it on more files at the same time. If I run on the same file twice though then I’m assuming it counts the lines analyzed twice, correct?

(G Ann Campbell) #4


Each metric is fully recalculated with each analysis. I’m guessing at this point that maybe you’ve been analyzing files one by one. As you’ve discovered, each successive analysis is going to replace the values of the previous one on your project homepage. If you’ve been doing that to get file-level metrics, you’re in luck because you can drill to the file level in the project’s Measures page on a metric-by-metric basis, and to see all the values for a file at once pick Show Measures from the hamburger menu at the top-right of the file viewer

By default it shows (what we think are) the most significant metrics, but you can expand it to see them all