When Quality gate fails can't see the extension tab in my ADO pipeline

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  • what have you tried so far to achieve this - When Quality gate fails, which will fail the build, I want to see the extension tab which shows Quality gate status and and give link to SOnarQube site

I have created a custom Quality gate on sonarQube and assigned it to my project. When my build passes the Quality gate, I can see extension tab on my ADO Pipeline, which says Passed and give a link to SonarQube site. But when the Quality gate failed which fails the build, I don’t see extension tab in the pipeline, neither they show regference to the SonarQube site.

Hi Kaisha,

How are you accomplishing failing the pipeline? We don’t generally recommend this nor have built-in functionality to accommodate it as part of our Azure DevOps extension.

The addition of the extension is the responsibility of the Publish Quality Gate Result task. If you’re doing something to cause the pipeline to fail prematurely before this step is reached, it explains why you don’t see the results get published.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your response. I am using Build breaker plugin available on SonarQube marketplace. This plugin fails the build when Quality gate fails during Code analysis step.