What should Project Key and Project name settings be in TFS 2015 SonarQube plugin V3.1.0

(Patrick Delaney) #1

I have previously setup SonarQube plugin 3.0.1 in my home lab and get it to work. But Now I’m setting it up at work and I an NOT the SonarQube admin. While setting up the Begin Analysis step the plugin wants to know the Project key and the Project name.
The SonarQube doc says this but I’m still not sure what the name should be, is it just a name, or will it link back to something else?

from online doc
Keep Integrate with MSBuild checked and specify at least the project key
•Project Key - the unique project key in SonarQube
•Project Name - the name of the project in SonarQube
•Project Version - the version of the project in SonarQube

(Colin Mueller) #2


The best individual to reach out to is likely the SonarQube administrator at your organization. Your administrator might need to the create the project for you, or perhaps they have another process available (certain users or groups of users being able to create new projects, a self-service item, etc.)

The project name is what is displayed in the web interface and can often be “prettier” than the project key, if there is a strict set-up for project keys to help with reporting, etc.

Project administrators can change the project key at any time in the SonarQube UI, while any change to the project name happens when a new name value is passed during analysis.


(Patrick Delaney) #3

OK When I tested this in my lab I was logged in an administrator so I’m guessing I had the rights. In my test lab all I did was configure the extension in TFS and then run the build job. I believe that the extension created the project in SonarQube.

Unfortunately I reverted my TFS VM snapshot and lost the configuration. :blush:

(Amaury Levé) #4

Hi @patdelaney,

I will illustrate the different part with a screenshot:

Note that changing the version allows you to reset the leak period.