What language is it easiest to write Clean Code in?

Programmer’s Day is Tuesday, September 13th, the 256th day of the year.

As a programmer, what’s your favorite language? At the risk of starting a holy war, is there a language you think it’s easier to write Clean Code in? One where it’s harder? What language features lead you to that conclusion?

Let us know, and then maybe drop by Twitter, where we’re celebrating (and handing out swag!) all week.

@ganncamp I will go with C#. Reason is the flexibility, widely used and native support of .net/.net core frameworks.


I know , you will kill me, but Groovy is nice for that. It is based on Java, but has a lot of features that allows you to write code cleaner (Closures, more built-in methods for working with Lists and Maps, etc…).
When Java is statically typed, Groovy is dynamically typed, but in the other side almost all Java code is valid in Groovy. So you can write clear Java code and use Groovy-style in some places where you need to bypass Java restrictions.
In some cases Groovy will allow you to make clearer and easier solution than Java.
Examples can be found here: Difference between Groovy and Java - GeeksforGeeks