What is violations?

Hi, when reading APIs documentation, search_history, I can retrieve Bugs, code smells, violations. In the sonarQube UI, there is nothing or no title “Vioalations”. We can see Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security hotspots, and code smells.
Is violations is the sum of all this?
When I add the different numbers from UI I get 65, I dont get the exact same number when I call the API, I get 59, here are copies of both



I visited the url Concepts | SonarQube Docs there is no talk about violations concept

Hey there.

Check the Metrics Definitions documentation. violations is another way of saying “all issues”

Colin, when I add the figures in the 1st snapshot I get 65 and not 59 so there is a difference of 6. So ehat is not in all issues?

Security Hotspots are not considered “issues” (it’s code to review, and determine if a fix needs to be made) – so they don’t feed into the count