What is the difference between analyzing code by Automatic Analyze vs Github Action in sonarcloud

Could you give me the difference between analyzing and scan code by Automatic Analyze vs Github Action analyze in sonar cloud


Automatic analysis is… automatic… and not configurable. So if, for instance, you want to add a Generic Issues report to your analysis, you won’t be able to do it with automatic analysis. For that, you have to switch to a manually configured analysis, e.g. via GitHub Actions.


When i use automatic analyze, it give me less code smell than manually analyze

Could you tell me why this is happening

Please help me on this as soon as possible

Is there any support here??


Please see the I created a topic section of the FAQ.

Regarding your questions,

What language are we talking about here? The answer will vary.



I’m using Ruby

Also the link you sent about FAQ, is not working


Feel free to scroll.

Regarding your question, could you share your analysis logs, please?