What is my API URL?

I have entered all the information that SonarQube asks for in order to setup configuration to scan my Github Repository. But when I click Save, I get an error that says “Wrong API URL”. What gives? How do I create an API URL? I have the regular http URL to my Repo but it does not have the "api" part inside the URL. So, I assume I need to set something up in order to generate an API URL? I cant get past the configuration page without the correct URL entered. All other values on the page are correct.

Hey there.

Are you getting this error when configuring the connection to GitHub itself? If so – the tooltip is your friend!

I did see the tool tips but no matter what I enter into the URL path it tells me its the wrong URL. Although all other values I enter are ok, it just will not accept any GitHub API URL, and I don’t know where to find the API URL or how to set it up.

Thanks for the follow-up @cd0421. What are the URLs you have tried?