Website folder getting skipped while running analysis on a .net project

Hi All,
I am facing a issue where on running analysis on a .net project it’s skipping the files (vb and js) of WeB(UI) folder. I have developer’s license , sonarqube version is 6.7 and I have run analysis with scanner msbuild and using vsts integration too. Same issue occurs in both these cases . web folder is in same directory as other projects folder , where sln file is present .
Can anyone give me some hint on why it’s skipping the web folder .
Thanks in Advance.

Some questions:

  • is the web project an ASP.NET project, or is it one of the older web project types?
  • which .NET framework are you targetting?
  • Is the project that is being skipped listed in the .sonarqube\out\ProjectInfo.log? (if not then it isn’t being analyzed)


  • it’s a website type project .
  • Target Framework is 4.5
  • where can i see .sonarqube\out\ProjectInfo.log ?

Analysis of legacy web site projects is not supported - see the Known Limitations sections in the Scanner docs.

The .sonarqube folder is created under by the scanner begin step in the directory in which the begin step is being run.