[Webinar] The Power of Clean C++

Hi all,

We are hosting a 30-minute webinar on December 7th to talk about the Power of Clean C++!

Join our C++ Developer Advocate @philsquared to see real C++ code being cleaned for correctness, readability and efficiency - All with minimum effort.

What: The Power of Clean C++
When: December 7th, 10am CST / 5pm CET
Who is it intended for: C++ Developers, new to Sonar

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Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who registered and attended our most recent webinar. Below you’ll find answers to the questions we received during the presentation.

Q - Is there vim integration?
A - No. SonarLint supports Clion, Visual Studio, VS Code, and Eclipse. If you use vim, we recommend scanning your code on SonarCloud or SonarQube.

Q - Is there any way to use it on Linux system?
A - Yes, check the documentation for C++ here: https://docs.sonarcloud.io/enriching/test-coverage/c-c-objective-c-test-coverage/

Q - Will the talk only cover Sonar Tools/Features or will there be a more general discussion of clean code as well?
A - Today’s talk will be around Clean Code and C++. Please check the link of our previous webinar that was more of a general discussion of clean code : https://youtu.be/dY76ed3YBaw

Q - Can we configure SonarLint to include certain rulesets - eg: cppcoreguidelines, AUTOSAR C++14 standards, MISRA standards etc.?
A - SonarLint already covers cppcoreguidelines and a significant part of the C++ MISRA standard. We don’t plan to support AUTOSAR, but we are working on supporting the next Misra standard 202x

Q - As far as you know, is there any static analysis tool that has also references to the “C++ Core Guidelines”?
A - SonarLint,SonarCloud, and SonarQube cover C++ Core Guidelines.

Q - Do you plan adding an automated “fixer” in certain criterias off analyzed Sonar results?
A - We already do that in SonarLint, we call them quick fixes. You can check:

VS Code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO0mUe_YYY4

CLion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBoTe9OmCeM

Visual Studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svzaGMRcfrU

Q - Can we use Jenkins plan and Bitbucket?
A - Yes it is supported!

Q - Is there a VisualStudio integration?
A - Yes, SonarLint is available in the Visual Studio for free. You can install it from the VS marketplace.

Q - Is it mandatory to connect SonarLint to SonarCloud/Qube?
A - No, it is not, but if you do you will be able to extend SonarLint capabilities by syncing the Quality profile, excluded files, and the suppressed issues

Q - Is this tools support popular libs? QT for example
A - Yes, we can analyze code using QT! Our solution is libraries and build-system independent

Q - Is it possible to write clean code in a agile paradigm?
A - Yes, by following the Clean as You Code approach encouraged by our tools:

Q - Is it possible to define my own C++ rules without using SonarQube? I mean I am using just SonarLint.
A - If you mean enabling and disabling rules, then the answer is yes.
You can do that in SonarLint. If you mean implementing custom rules, the answer is no.

We are happy to implement the rules suggested by our users. If you have rule ideas, please post them on the Community.



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