[Webinar] Clean Code Development in your Cloud Native Apps

Hi all,

We are hosting a 30-minutes webinar on March 15th to talk about Clean Code Development in your Cloud Native Apps!

Join our Product Marketing Manager Clint Cameron to learn how our Clean as You Code methodology combines with your DevOps workflow to take your Cloud Native applications to the next level.

What: Clean Code Development in your Cloud Native Apps
When: March 15th, 11am CDT/ 5pm CET
Who is it intended for: Developers, Managers & Team Leads new to and familiar with Sonar

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Can’t make it to the live but still interested in learning more? You can register here to receive the recording!

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Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who registered and attended our most recent webinar! Below you’ll find answers to the questions we received during the presentation.

Q: Do you plan to cover more IaC tools such as Bicep, Pulumi?
A: Yes, we do plan to provide a solution to help Bicep or Pulimi developers cleaning their code. This is part of our 2023 roadmap. We also would like to cover (GCP) Google Cloud Deployment Manager and Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

Q: Can I check all these issues in Visual Studio Code?
A: Our integration with IDEs and VS Code is called SonarLint. As of now, IaC checks are not yet activated in SonarLint, but will definitely come soon in 2023.

Q: How do you compare to other solutions in the market such as Checkmarx, Terrascan, Checkov, and all the others?
A: There are a lot of actors on the market, dozen or more. We do our best to provide one solution to clean your code, with clear explanations about how to remediate your code. We do more than just Clean your IaC but all your code, including JavaScript, Python, … All the 30+ languages that we cover in a single scan.

Q: Does SonarQube already support Terraform AzureRM?
A: Yes. For Terraform, we support AWS, Azure, GCP.

Q: Does it support AWS CDK?
A: Yes, we do. We support JavaScript/TypeScript and Python.

Q: Is 9.9 LTS version support ARM template code review?
A: We plan to support Azure Resource Manager templates in 2023.

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