Webhook that contains report rating

Hi wanted to suggest or apply a different webhook, once thing that i wanted to achive is due to sonarcloud is very sublime in our implementation hence we are not aware of the ratings of the project, so what i wanted to do was to create a webhook when we do a analytics report from devops i wanted to have a hook that contained the report rating for the current project and the branch iam currenly analyzing so i can expose that to our common chat

i dont know if its possible atm, but would be nice to be able to use such a functionality.

projectRatings: {
“codesmell”: “a”,
“security”: “b”
“codesmell”: “a”,
“security”: “a”

the idea is to kinda show what you projcet/branch rating is whilst you are doing your quality gates in devops, unless the branch failes we wont know the actual state of the project which i want to have, i know i can enforce harder rules, but i just want to be able to show the current state of ratings.

Best Regards Mårten.

Hello @Marten_Andersson1 ,

You can find more information about SonarCloud webhooks here. We do not send this information with the webhook, but you can use our API to query that information every time you receive the webhook.