Web interfaces hung in "Loading" state since we upgraded from 9.1 to 9.2.1

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  • SonarQube Version
  • the screen just shows “Loading” and the console shows :
Application failed to start! Error: Dynamic require of "react-intl/locale-data/fr" is not supported
    at C9e (outZA7ASMV3.js:1)
    at outZA7ASMV3.js:22
    at async Promise.all (/project/index 0)
    at async eme (outZA7ASMV3.js:22)
    at async Promise.all (/project/index 0)
con @ index.ts:105
  • open the sonar URL in a webbrowser in a non english machine
  • potential workaround : it works if I se the system language to english


Thanks for reporting! I’ve created a ticket: See this other report.

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Sorry for the late notice. This got fixed and released as part of 9.2.2, I believe. It will also be included in 9.3.