We have installed SSL certificate on server but still getting error

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid character found in method name [binanary data XXXXXXXXX]. HTTP method names must be tokens

Hey there.

I’m really not sure what the context of this is. Where are you seeing these log messages?

We received the SonarQube log, and when we clicked on the login with the SonarQube site, it says that - This site can’t provide a secure connection, however, we have installed SSL. When we try to login via admin, it is login. When we see the log, we get this error.

Sounds like an issue with how you’ve installed SSL, or the certs that you’ve installed (like using a self-signed certificate).

What are you using to serve your SoanrQube server over HTTPS?

We re using nginx

Thanks. We really won’t be much help here with that. As stated in the docs:

Nginx configuration will vary based on your own application’s requirements and the way you intend to expose SonarQube to the outside world. If you need more details about Nginx, please see NGINX Reverse Proxy | NGINX Documentation.

I think you’ll know you’re in a good state when you can browse the SonarQube server with your browser and not receive the This site can’t provide a secure connection message.