Warnings after SonarQube upgrade to version 9.4

After upgrading to sonarqube 9.4 we’re getting the following warnings:

Pull request decoration seems to be working fine. Could you please suggest how I can resolve these warnings as they are seen after every PR that is opened.

Hey there.

Make sure you’ve configured everything as necessary in the Project Settings > General Settings > * DevOps Platform Integration space of your project.

I have around 200 projects in Sonarqube. Is there an automated way for achieving it for each project?

There are some useful Web APIs that can bind projects, but you would also need to have the structured data for each project available (SonarQube won’t automatically make the connection between an Azure DevOps repository and your existing SonarQube project).

You may find it useful for future projects that you create to use the onboarding wizard which will automatically set these values.

I get project not found as response when I try to use api/alm_settings/list. I already have adminster access on this project.