Vue.js analysis changes for SFC (.vue files)

Hello Sonar Community and especially Vue.js devs,

While analyzing Vue.js projects with Sonar, you might have experienced performance issues or even analysis failures, especially with Single File Component files (.vue).

To provide more stability, starting early next week on SonarCloud, we will not perform part of the advanced type analysis on .vue files.

To be clear, your SFCs will still be checked and you will still see issues in them. However, some advanced rules will raise fewer or no issues in these files. This is not an ideal outcome, however, it will unlock many people who were having difficulties analyzing their Vue.js projects and will allow us to find a better solution.

That said, regular TypeScript and JavaScript files using Vue.js will continue to benefit from full analysis.

What’s more, all Vue.js project analyses will start seeing significant improvements in speed, memory consumption, and overall stability.

We will be rolling out this change first in SonarCloud, in SonarQube 10.5, and in the next versions of SonarLint. Please feel free to share your feedback or any concerns.