Visualization and reporting

  • version SonarQube sonarqube- on fedora 35
  • Run sonarqube in linux, fedora 35
    we create projects and it works like a charm. However, we have a need to do some nice and sexy reporting either using grafana or Power BI. Is there any documentation around this topic. I tried calling Sonarqube APIs in grafana but only can create Table charts not other types of visualization. Any help or idea will be highly appreciated

Hey there.

I think the important question here is Why? What kind of reporting are you trying to do that isn’t supported by the UI?

SonarQube APIs won’t limit you to what types of visualizations you can do, but rather (I assume) the capabilities of the tools and the processing of the data you do after receiving it from SonarQube.

Thanks Colin, I need to be able to do some hierarchical stuff, I have 10 prjects inside Sonar, I need 1st page to show overall values for each project, once I click on one of them I go to the details where I can make charts and of course other things.
On thing I am not able to do is transforming the creationdate or updatedate (which is a string to type of Dattime) of an issue inside Grafana for data that I get using the api
I am currently out-of-office, this evening I will share a screenshot of one of reports I need to acheive

I would like to make an extraction where I can see, for exqmple, issues according to their severity (high, low, medium) with red, green or yellow arrows going up or down according to uincrease or decrease of issues number per project rom run to run. Anyway, I can see on the main page, when yoy click on “Projects” there are some sort of reporting Bugs, Vulneeabilities, …I need to be able extract those values and do my aggregation in different ways

This should be a useful guide for you.

Thanks for the information, I will go through it. One question though, in community edition, can I export details from UI analytics to excel for example?

You’ll need to use the Web API – there’s no excel export (in any edition).

Thanks again Colin, started playing with Sonar APIs, getting details in Grafana but as I am not very well versed with json queries, I was not able for example to transform to dates that come in string format to date time, I tried many options but did not succeed. As you can notice in the screenshot that I was able to get the data but only creating tables for issues of type Bug or all issues, total number of issues and so on, not charts and Grafana needs absolutly in the 1st column a time series

What I meant by excel is csv file