Valid Azure DevOps PAT stops working after a few weeks

I am encountering a problem whereby my azure PAT which is valid for one year, stops working in sonar cloud. When I navigate to the Azure DevOps connectivity management in the organization’s administration, it is indicating to me the current status of the token is not valid. Since this is the third time i am encountering this i’ve kept the token on the side and re-applied it. The setting will display as valid , however , a refresh on the page will re-indicate that the token is not valid.

When i create a brand new PAT for the account in Azure Devops and apply it, it will remain valid, and the integration finally works again. However, in a few weeks, it will run into the same problem. I could use some help with this!

Hey there.

Is it possibly not working… after 30 days? This is the default expiration of an Azure DevOps token.

Hi Colin, as mentioned it is a token with a 1 year expiry

You made me realize something however, we are using a service account which does not have someone regularly logging in to ADO with, it may be related to this information i found:

Q: Why did my PAT stop working?

A: PAT authentication requires you to regularly sign into Azure DevOps using the full authentication flow. Once every 30 days is sufficient for many, but you may need to sign in more often than that depending upon your Azure Active Directory configuration. If your PAT stops working, first try signing into your organization, ensuring that you go through the full authentication prompt. If your PAT still doesn’t work after that, check to see if your PAT has expired.

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Sorry I missed that in your first post.

It certainly sounds suspect, and I’m not sure how SonarCloud would behave running into a PAT that is non-expired but won’t work because the login criteria haven’t been met.

So the big question is – does it start working again when you login to the service account, or does it still require a new PAT?

Hi @Leuko, I just wanted to send a quick thank you for sharing this.

Thank you!

To answer Colin’s question: “does it start working again when you login to the service account, or does it still require a new PAT?”

  • No. Your PAT is revoked. See this paragraph about How PATs work.