Using SonarQube for Mendix

I’m a Mendix developer working at a customer who has SonarQube, but who has never used SonarQube in combination with Mendix. Mendix is a low code platform that runs on Java. Is there anybody out there with hints and tips on how to combine the two?


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Just to confirm, Mendix is a distinct language that compiles down to byte code that will run on a JVM?

If so, then I’m not aware of an analyzer that will help you.


Thanks, Ann. To be honest, I don’t know! But I’ve received information now that it’s possible to scan javasource folders in the mendix app svn repo. So that’s what we may try. Thanks again!

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Hi Frederic,

Sonarqube can not scan Mendix apps because they do not generate code. You could try a Mendix specific tool for static analysis such as ACR

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