Using Encrypted Credentials in Config/Sonar Properties File

I’m using Sonarqube that I deployed using the Zip file. I’m trying to delegate user authentication through LDAP to Active Directory

And what I did was: Installed the extension on Azure DevOps server, downloaded the zip package of sonarqube, created database on a separate host as stated in documentation.

  • what are you trying to achieve - We want to delegate user authentication to our AD using LDAP in the sonar properties file, however we see that the credentials of the user that would be used to query the AD would be in clear text if inputted in the sonar properties file.

So the enquiry is: Is it possible for sonarqube to use encrypted credentials in the config, so that our credentials are not in plain text for security purpose.


Active Directory or Azure DevOps? Because we support SAML for Azure AD.


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