Using CI & AUTOSCAN in the same time

Hi SnarSourcers ,
So I’m using azure DevOps to analyze my code(azure Pipelines runs the code analysis using sonarCloud extension(Prepare then Run)). when Ceating a PR the pipeline runs.
and now I need to analyze a specific branch without passing through Azure DevOps(analyze the motioned branch just by pushing).

my question is can I do this ?

  • ALM used (Azure DevOps)
  • CI system used (Azure DevOps)

Hi @newbegins,

Autoscan is available only on GitHub, and not through Azure DevOps. To get a branch analyzed, you need to run an analysis, for instance like you do with Azure Pipelines and trigger it upon branch push if that fits your requirements.


Hi @AlxO ,
thank you for your response,
yes my repo is on GitHub,
and I run code analysis trough azure devops , now I want to run analysis for a particular branch without passing through azure devOps.

Hi @newbegins,

It is not recommended to run CI-based analysis concurrently with automated analysis (Autoscan). This is documented here.

If you are looking for alternatives to Azure for your CI, you may want to look into the GitHub action option documented here instead.


Hi @AlxO,
thank you for your help.