Users search does not show email

When I run I get all data as expected including email. Whenever I run other user less data I get according with the web api. I’m in the understanding that I have an ADMIN role so, is it fine to face this scenario? Actually, I want to get at least the login, name and email for all the users within my organization.

Am I right with below understanding regarding admin permissions?

  • Project Administrator
  • Quality Gates / Quality Profiles Administrator
  • Organization Administrator
  • System Administrator

How can I get Administer System permission ?

Hi @gerardo.trejo, could you please check the response from ?
Inside the users collection you should check the isOrgAdmin property: it must be true for an administrator.
An administrator can set permissions for another user, using the organisation members view at SonarCloud. Just click on the user icon, your organisation then members on the top menu options (when you click on your user icon, the organisation list will tell you if you are an admin or not).

        "login": "datainsights-bi61946",
        "name": "datainsights-bi",
        "avatar": "049e3673192d48f77af3eeaaae2bb390",
        "groupCount": 5,
        "isOrgAdmin": true

Yes, I am an org admin that’s why I do not know if anything is missing from my side.