Users cannot see organisation

We have created an organisation in SonarCloud linked to our GitLab account. The org settings appear to confirm this connection is working, as a shortcut to our gitlab group is available and valid.

Whenever another employee logs into SonarCloud using our GitLab as auth, they are unable to see the configured organisation.

A similar issue was raised here

We would expect that a employee logging in via our GitLab accounts to automatically see our corresponding configured org in SonarCloud.



Hi Michael,

Is this one specific person, or multiple people?


Hi Ann,

This is for every user. I need to manually add them to my org in order for them to see.



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Hello @mn-wh ,

This feature is not available for GitLab organizations as of today. You can follow this card on our roadmap for any updates on the topic, and also submit your own use case: .