Use API to set DevOps Platform Integration

Is there a way to set the DevOps Platform Integration via Web API? My team currently has to set this manually for each repo. I would like to have this done automatically.

Here is the specific settings that I referring to. The 2 circled sections on the right are a dropdown and a textbox. I have to set both of those manually and would like to automate them some how.

Is this possible with Sonarqube Web Api? If not, is this possible to do at all?


a generic way to explore what’s going on under the hood is to use the developer tools of the browser,
as the Sonarqube web ui makes use of its web api. So do the setting with developer tools activated
and you’ll see the web api calls if any.


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Found out how to do it by using browser’s Developer Tools to see API calls made. here is a screenshot in case anyone else wants to do this

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