Upload coverage data separately

Version: Enterprise Edition * Version 8.9.6 (build 50800)

On our project, we run JetBrains DotCover to cover our code in separate GitLab jobs. We have about 6 different tests projects that we run in parallel to reduce our overall pipeline duration.

We also have a job to run SonarQube (with coverage disabled) to find code issues.

We would like to be able to upload the coverage results from our DotCover runs to SonarQube. As far I could tell, this is not possible.

I was wondering what would be to preferred way of handling a scenario like this?



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Unfortunately, there’s no way to “update” an analysis with subsequent information. You need to include the coverage report with the initial analysis. If there’s a problem of timing, I suggest

  • Adding SonarLint to the workflow to catch most issues in the IDE. Hopefully that will solve most of the problem
  • Run full analysis (with test run serially to get them all included in your SonarScanner for .NET analysis) over night and make do without tests during the day. Not optimal, I know.


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Thank you very much for the quick reply, much appreciated!

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