Upgrading 7.9.3 LTS to 8.9.9 LTS - do sonar-scanner users and/or tokens need to be recreated?

Upgraded 7.9.3 LTS to 8.9.9 LTS in development in place (same Amzn2 Linux server, same SQL Server DB/schema/database). Had an issue of Jenkins pipeline erroring out with authentication failure. Our Jenkins jobs all refer to a config entry that contains SQ URL, user and tokens. Likely it was my mistake and I should have recorded/researched it more, but instead I created a new user in SQ, new token, updated Jenkins config and all was fixed.
Now that we are about to upgrade SQ in production I finally realized I still don’t know if I need to recreate the user and/or token.
Is it a fair assumption that all users (app level and AD level) will carry on to upgraded SQ and that existing tokens will be honored by the upgraded SQ?
Thanks in advance!

Yes, that’s correct!

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