Upgrade SonarQube Java Custom Rules

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I have 2 questions

  • We recently upgraded the SonarQube version from version 7.9 to 9.9, we had our Java custom rules plugin so they are no longer compatible with version 9.9, we want to upgrade the custom rules but according to the Github repository it was upgraded at 8.9: SonarQube Java Custom Rules Plugin Template. How can we update our custom rules?

  • When I log in to my SonarQube instance, I receive the following message: “An update is available for your SonarQube instance. Please update to ensure you benefit from the latest security and bug fixes.”
    Are there any bugs with 9.9 LTS? and Is it necessary to migrate to a non-LTS version?

no updates?


Two questions deserve two threads.

The in-app notification is letting you know that a newer version is available. It’s probably covering both SonarQube 9.9.1 LTS and SonarQube 10.0, which is the latest version. You should always be on either the latest version or the latest point release of the LTS. I would click the “Learn More” button…


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