Update Master Branch

Hello everyone,
We’re using SonarQube enterprise.
We’re setting the definition of new code from our master branch. So, every code that is different from master, will be detected as a new code.
Our doubt is:
How can we maintain the master branch updated?
We’re thinking about a webhook(Bitbucket) that detect a PR when is merged in master and with that webhook we’re going to analyse the master branch.

Currently we have more than 500 projects so we’re going to configure 500 webhooks. Is there another approach to achieve this?

Thank you very much

Hey there.

Presumably everytime you have a PR merged, a CI job is automatically being kicked off on your master (it gets built).

It’s during this build that a fresh SonarQube analysis should be run and submitted to your SonarQube server (keeping master updated). No webhooks required.

Thank you very much. We’ll work on this