Upcoming Sonarcloud Java 11 requirement for Android project


I’m currently assessing SonarCloud for my Android Project at work, and noticed the warning about Java 11 requirement being introduced in October. I understand this is only required for launching the scanner although I’m not sure how I would introduce this in our CI (Bitrise) without impacting the actual gradle build as we need to use Java 8 due to Android limitations.

In my current test configuration, I’m simply launching the scanner via gradle as a pipeline step in our CI.

./gradlew sonarqube

Are you able to suggest how I might achieve this?


Hi @brybry and welcome to the community !

We recently pushed a new doc page with some help about that :https://sonarcloud.io/documentation/user-guide/move-analysis-java-11/

Can you check it out, test, and see if that suits your need ?


Thanks Mickaël,

That does look like a straight forward way to do what I need - I’ll give it a try this week and get back to you if I have any issues