Unsupported PlatformToolset: WindowsKernelModeDriver10.0

Hi! Does SonarLint support kernel mode driver development?

I’m working on a kernel mode driver in Visual Studio and I would like to use SonarLint for static code analysis. When I attempt to analyze code I receive “Unable to collect C/C++ configuration for ‘file path’ System.ArgumentException: Unsupported PlatformToolset: WindowsKernelModeDriver10.0”. I am assuming this means I will be unable to use SonarLint for this project. However, I want to verify that my assumption is correct. Is what I am trying to do supported?

Hi @Alex_M.

Unfortunately you are correct, it’s not supported.

Am I correct in thinking that this is an additional toolset installed with the Windows Driver Kit?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, this toolset is provided by the WDK.

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