Unknown property ' ' found

Hi, with the most recent update of Sonar, I encountered this ‘Unknown property’ error when using HTML elements in React. In this specific case, it’s with the tag


Thanks for this report.

Could you share the language and the rule ID?


Hi I’m working with typescript in react


Thanks. What’s the id of the rule that’s raising this issue?

The context of your screenshot isn’t quite clear to me, but I guess if you click on the issue message (“Unknown property ’ ’ found”) you should get to the issue detail, which will include the rule ID…?


Hi, G Ann the rule ID is typescript:S6747

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And for example Globo1 is variable declared in react component


Thanks for the additional detail! I’ve flagged this for the language experts.


Hello @Lizeth_Rodriguez_Cab,

It’s been a while since your last post, welcome back then, and many thanks for your feedback!

Screenshots are not ideal and hard to test, especially when they don’t include the whole context :slight_smile:
Could you please share an actual code snippet that I can use as a reproducer instead?

Thank you,