Unit Test Coverage Metrics on Conditions, branches and Others

I used VS 2019 enterprise addition to get some basis unit test coverage stats (line and block) into SonarCloud. How do I get more metrics, such as Conditions, branches and others into SonarCloud?

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If you’re successfully importing coverage information into SonarCloud already, you are probably importing everything thing your coverage tool supports with regard to condition/branch coverage. What information do you see as missing?

Yes, I think you are correct. I am using Visual Studio Enterprise 2019 addition, while has line and block information. I have not found condition and branch stats in VS Enterprise 2019. Do you have a recommendation on a coverage tool that provides provides line, block, function, condition, and branch coverage stats?

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No specific recommendations to give – we currently support the following code coverage tools: VsTest, dotCover, OpenCover and NCover3 (deprecated). Out of these, VsTest and dotCover do not support branch coverage.

Thank you very much for your help. I will search for and review the documentation for using OpenCover. Once I have an understanding of it, I will search for and review the documentation for integrating it with SonarCloud. Thanks agian for your help.

Charlie Teague

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If anyone has used openCover to get branch coverage to display in SonarCloud, then I am interested in knowing how you did it.

In order to get branch unit test coverage in sonar cloud, I have installed OpenCover locally. I followed the installation instructions on the following page:

So, I installed the following nuget packages:

  • OpenCover
  • ReportGenerator
  • NUnit.Runners

I created a file called testrunner.bat with the following line in it:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Enterprise\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow\vstest.console.exe" C:\src\dev\cloudaio\Tests\CloudApi.NUnit.UnitTests\bin\Debug\*.dll

Then I ran each of the following in commandline:

C:\src\dev\cloudaio\Tests\CloudApi.NUnit.UnitTests\bin\Debug>C:\src\dev\cloudaio\packages\OpenCover.4.7.922\tools\OpenCover.Console.exe -target:"C:\Users\CharlesTeague\OneDrive - P97\Desktop\code-coverage\sonarcloud\opencover\testrunner.bat" -register:user

C:\src\dev\cloudaio\Tests\CloudApi.NUnit.UnitTests\bin\Debug>C:\src\dev\cloudaio\packages\ReportGenerator.4.8.7\tools\net5.0\ReportGenerator.exe -reports:results.xml -targetdir:coverage

Then open the following shows no coverage which is not right: C:\src\dev\cloudaio\Tests\CloudApi.NUnit.UnitTests\bin\Debug\coverage\index.html

I also downloaded OpenCover and run it on the solution with similar commands. The unit tests executed. The coverage report only showed a non-zero coverage on one of the projects, and zero on all of the rest. There are many projects that have many unit tests that it reported 0% coverage.

Has anyone used SonarCloud with any test coverage tool in order to get branch coverage to display?

My test project uses xUnit. Could that be the cause of the 0% coverage?

Hey @p97

SonarCloud only consumes test/coverage reports, it does not produce them. I would suggest focusing on getting your reports produced correctly before worrying about importing them elsewhere.

You might also find some inspiration here:

Thank you.