Unit Test Count not shown on Sonar Dashboard

Hi All, I am working on a Node Project where in i have written my test cases using jasmine framework and now running the sonar analysis.
I am not able to see the unit tests count on the sonar dashboard. However, I am able to see the coverage percentage on the dashboard but not able to see only the unit test case count.
Basically, Not able to generate the xml file required to pass to the sonar property “sonar.testExecutionReportPaths”

my jasmine.json file looks in the following format:
{ "spec_dir": "build", "spec_files": ["**/*.spec.js"], "helpers": [], "stopSpecOnExpectationFailure": false, "random": false, "reporters": [ { "name": "jasmine-spec-reporter" }, { "name": "jasmine-spec-reporter", "options": { "savePath": "./test-results", "filePrefix": "junit-report", "consolidateAll": true } } ] }
Still, Not able to generate the xml file. Any solution to resolve this?

Hey there.

You’ll need to ask the maintainers of GitHub - bcaudan/jasmine-spec-reporter: Real time console spec reporter for jasmine testing framework if they support a “SonarQube” output format.

Otherwise – you might consider not including this information at all. It is truly just a static number displayed on the project dashboard, that we have mostly stopped investing in (and would like to remove someday).

Not only jasmine-spec-reporter, Can you please suggest any other reporters which might produce the unit test reports in sonarqube acceptable format?

I don’t have any recommendations, unfortunately. Maybe somebody else does!