Unexplainable rules in custom SonarPlugin

Hi Community,

We have created a custom SonarPlugin for our own product to be able to determine quality over our own models.

For this we have defined a new language and quality profile definition, and a customer of ours pointed out to us that there are some unexplainable rules in the quality profile.

In the image below you’ll see 6 rules which we haven’t added into our profile definition. Do you have any idea where these rules come from?

We have programmed our plugin against the SDK of SonarQube 7.9.6


Those rules are provided by the server itself and they show up for every language. If you take a look in the Repositories facet, you’ll see there are two for your language: the one you provided and “[Language] Common”.


Thx Ann! that explains a lot haven’t noticed that all the quality profiles have these rules by default, awesome :slight_smile:

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