Uncovered code detected by sonar


I have a quality gate issue on an enum in c#.
No errors were identified by sonard until I added a new value to this enum :

namespace Ids.Data.Models.Analyses
public enum ReplicateResultErrorTypeId
// Existing enum values 
// ..... 

// My new enum depending to another enum
SecondReagentsStorageTemperatureOutOfRange = ReplicateResultSystemAlertErrorTypeId.SecondReagentsStorageTemperatureOutOfRange,

And now every time I run a sonar scan, this new value is marked as “uncovered code”.

Can you give me some advice to understand the error (unit tests using this enum already exist) ? Is it false positive ?

Thank you,



Welcome to the community!

It sounds like you existing unit tests cover all the old values, but you didn’t update them to include the new value.