Unchanged source code files show up as New Code after Project Move to SonarQube Enterprise Ediiton

We recently imported 3 projects from SonarQube Developer Edition 9.9.2 to SonarQube Enterprise Edition 9.9.2, using Project Move
All the historical data, including Issues and Overall Code Coverage is preserved from the old instance, but New Code Coverage is messed up.

We’ve set the New Code window to be 276 days, but even files that have not been changed during this window are showing up in New Code Coverage as Uncovered lines.
The confusing part is that the Code commit date in the SonarQube Enterprise Edition shows the project import date instead of the actual commit date in the source SonarQube instance.

  • New SonarQube Enterprise Edition:

  • Old SonarQube Developer Edition:

Any idea why this could be happening?


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Have you reanalyzed the project since the import?