Unable to see Vulnerabilities reported by dependency-check

We have installed the Enterprise Sonarqube server on-prem and pushing project analysis and dependency-check results to this server. But Sonarqube Server is not able to display vulnerabilities that are found by dependency-check. Though we are able to see HTML reports on sonar.
This is happening for any kind of project (MSBuild, Typescript, or Java).

But If I spin up the local Sonarqube server and do the analysis locally with dependency-check it works perfectly fine as expected.

We have also installed Dependency-Check Plugin on the SonarQube server.

SonarQube Version : Version 9.6.1
dependency-check: version 7.2.1

Let me know if you need more information. We are kind of stuck and unable to understand why it is not working on Hosted SonarQube Server

Hey there.

You should reach out to the maintainers at GitHub - dependency-check/dependency-check-sonar-plugin: Integrates Dependency-Check reports into SonarQube

Ok, Thanks for your reply. But why the same configuration is working on my local machine but not on the Enterprise edition? Even the plugin version is same.

No clue! I’ve never installed this plugin personally. This is a plugin not maintained, developed, or supported by SonarSource.