Unable to run scans on Jenkins after connecting to new database

Hello everyone,

I am currently having some problems when running a scan using jenkins.
Everything is configured properly and was previously working just fine, the problem is that after changing the jdbc connection string to connect to a new database on the properties, I get the following error:
Web.log -
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid character found in method name [0x160x030x010x020x000x010x000x010xfc0x030x010x9cK0xdc0xfa0xe30xcd0x810xd10xa70x97
HTTP method names must be tokens

The new database is an identical clone of the previous one since we are just migrating to an AWS infrastructure.
The sonarqube UI page works just fine, it’s only a scans problem on Jenkins.

This is the error from Jenkins:
ERROR: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fail to request url: (project url here)
ERROR: Caused by: Read timed out

If I manually click on the project URL from the jenkins error, I am able to download the file.

Thanks and regards,


What version of SonarQube are you using? Connecting SonarQube to a new database should have zero effect on analysis once SonarQube itself is up and running.


Hello Ann,

I am using this version at the moment:
sonarqube- LTS
Sonarqube interface is currently working just fine, the data loaded from the database.
Seems the issue is not the database connection, but the scans on Jenkins.
The strange thing is that they were working before, all I did was change the connection to a new database and then the Jenkins scans wouldn’t work anymore.
I was wondering if there is anyway of increasing the time for the timeout, although I’ve never had to do this at all with previous versions.


Hi Carlos,

You’ll find sonar.ws.timeout in the analysis parameters list but really I would look to your network folks for an explanation. If nothing on the Jenkins side changed and the only thing that changed on the SQ side was your server DB connection then I think interference on the network is the most likely cause.