Unable to publish results to SonarQube

I ran API test cases against a service and it doesnot get published on to sonar
It is giving me error like

The last analysis has failed.
No analysis has been performed since creation. The only available section is the configuration.

Can you help here a little

Can u brief what exactly are you doing? Like which language and how are you trying to publish?

We are doing for Java services using JaCoCo as a plugin
I am deploying the service on a linux box and then running the readyAPI cases pointing to that linux box

Afterwards, jacoco.exec is generated and then I am publishing this jacoc.exec to sonarqube dashboard using mvn sonar:sonar as command & -DreportPathUrl = jacoco.exec

Which version of the sonarqube server are you using? I believe the binary uploading of the jacoco report has been deprecated.

I had a different problem where in my code coverage was showing 0%.

If u read through couple of comments on this thread, u will understand. Jacoco Code Coverage is shown as 0% after SonarQube server update

Hope you are admin and can install a plugin and restart the server :slight_smile:

It is throwing this for some services but for some it is working and SonarQube version is 7.1.0


I think it’s worth backing up here to an earlier post in the thread:

reportPathUrl is not a recognized parameter name. I previously provided links to the listing/documentation of recognized parameter names: Coverage push to SonarQube Dashboard

Specifically, if you’re uploading a JaCoCo exec report format, then your parameter name should be sonar.jacoco.reportPaths. Note that we’ve deprecated support of this format. You should switch to generating XML reports and passing them in to analysis with sonar.coverage.jacoco.xmlReportPaths. Also, you should upgrade to 7.9.1, the latest version and current LTS, at your earliest convenience.