Unable to post to pass custom headers to GH action

I am using the official GH action as follows to post to a cloudflare protected SQ instance

      - name: post results to SQ
        uses: sonarsource/sonarqube-scan-action@v1.2.0
          args: >
            -Dsonar.ws.headers="CF-Access-Client-Id: ${{ secrets.CF_ACCESS_CLIENT_ID }}, CF-Access-Client-Secret: ${{ secrets.CF_ACCESS_CLIENT_SECRET }}"
          SONAR_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.SONARQUBE_API_TOKEN }}
          SONAR_HOST_URL: https://my-sonarqube.instance.com

Ηere are the execution logs:

ERROR: Unrecognized option: ***,
INFO: usage: sonar-scanner [options]
INFO: Options:
INFO:  -D,--define <arg>     Define property
INFO:  -h,--help             Display help information
INFO:  -v,--version          Display version information
INFO:  -X,--debug            Produce execution debug output

Why is the command failing it is entirety and interpreting the scrambled sensitive values as options?

Hey there.

This analysis parameter does not exist. Where did you find it?

Thanks for already adding your voice to this thread:

I misread it somewhere in the docs so apologies for that. So currently there is no way to bypass CFlare protection using its custom headers, right?

Is there a way then to

a) run the analysis using the sonar-scanner cli
b) skip posting the results to SONARQUBE_HOST
c) use curl to do this so as to leverage custom headers?