Unable to Login Using Azure Active Directory Singal Sign On

I am using Community Edition Version 9.3 (build 51899) and I have Installed this System behind the Nginx Proxy server On ubuntu 20.04 and did the Initial Configuration and now System is up and Running.

Now I Want to Use Azure Active Directory Signal Sign On ( Azure AD SSO) with Sonarqube. so I configure the SonarQube System and Azure AD according to the Microsoft Guide Lines.

When I check the connection from the Azure AD side with the Test Connection setting which Azure provide, I got the confirmation of Success Connection. but when I try to login to Sonarqube System with Log in with SAML I get the Following Error (Which On the Screen Shot)

I would Really appreciate if Someone can Help me With this Issue…?
Thank You…


Welcome to the community!

The first thing I would check is making sure there’s no leading or trailing whitespace in your configurations. If that’s the case, then maybe bump server logging (briefly!) up to TRACE level and check your web.log to see what’s going on.