Unable to lex string source code "@CHARSET "UTF-8";


(Hilal Emeksiz) #1

sonar-css-plugin- is used and sonarqube version is sonar 7.0
while a scss file is analyzed , sonar scanner execution fails with:

ERROR: Unable to lex string source code "@CHARSET "UTF-8";

@import "compass";
@import 'includes/dimensions'; /* Contains the fixed positions of the ATM hardware - e.g. button positions */
@import 'includes/branding'; /* Contains the color and font definitions - can be edited for different Garanti brands or users */

.elementHide {
	display: none !important;
.tableCellCenter {
	text-align: center !important;
	display: block;

(Elena Vilchik) #2


I failed to reproduce. I suspect the problem is with some invisible characters. Could you send the file which fails to be analysed?