Unable to Import Java scanning quality profile


I need some help on the following


Previously using SonarQube 6.5, with Java 8 and a Java scanning quality profile
Now I have updated to Java 11, so I also updated SonarQube to version 8.3

However, when trying to import the same Java scanning quality profile, SonarQube prompted that 0 rules are being imported.

May I know, if there are any restrictions on importing a Java scanning quality profile that is usable in older SonarQube version to a new SonarQube version.

Thank you


It’s not clear at all what you mean when you are talking about:

In order to avoid misunderstanding, can you provide more details about what you do? Which command do you execute? Can you share some logs to allow others to see what is happening during your code scan?


Hi ,

the java quality profile i am referring to is shown in the screenshot below
As you can see there is the built-in Sonar way and the IRAS Way (which is the profile
I imported for my project) and it contains 37 rules

however, in SonarQube 8.3, after importing the IRAS Way, the rules column shows 0

Hope this clarifies my question.


Thanks, it helps.

There is a chance that the rules referenced in your QP are no longer provided out of the box by SonarQube 8.3. A lot of changes happened since SQ 6.5 (released in August 3, 2017).

Can you share your “IRAS Way” XML file here to confirm that?



below is the IRAS way rules

but surprisingly, when this rule is used with SonarQube 7.9.3, it imported all the rules without a problem

sonarqube-profile-java…txt (12.7 KB)

The problem is linked to the renaming of the Java rule repository from “squid” to “java” (https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/SONARJAVA-3160).

It means you need to manually update your file and change “squid” to “java”. That should allows you to load your Quality Profile into SonarQube 8.3.

I noticed you also have rules related to “AEM Rules” repository. This looks to be custom rules so don’t forget to add your plugin into the extensions/plugins directory to also have these rules.