Unable to get coverage for one of the project

We have multiple github linked projects on sonar cloud, but there is one project that is not showing any coverage on sonar cloud, other projects are working fine. We have verified that sonar cloud is pointed to the right testing folder in the project but unsure why the coverage is not showing up on sonar cloud. Any suggestions to understand if the coverage is reaching sonar cloud or not?

This guide is a great start.

hi Colin thx for the quick reply. From the logs it seems that Sonar has correctly parsed the coverage.

is there a way to investigate this your end?

Any chance to investigate this please?

Hey there.

Without any other log lines, my expectation is that it read all the files inside correctly.

What do you see in SonarCloud? A screenshot would be great.

Hey Colin, attached the screenshots from Sonar’s view (it can be seen that the project no longer shows any coverage since November 2023). The sudden drop happened in November 2023 (prior to that everything was fine) despite no changes on our end

Please let us know if you need anything else.


The next question would be – is the file you’re importing actually reporting coverage?

You could try to extract the /home/circleci/scratch/coverage.xml file, or just cat it in in your pipeline, to understand if the contents are expected.

SonarQube just reads the report, it’s not involved in producing it.

Hi Colin,
Thx for the quick reply. The coverage file gets uploaded as an artifact and looks correct to me. Additionally, if the file wasn’t what sonar expected, wouldn’t it be rejected, and an exception is thrown?
Is there a way for someone to look into the logs at your end, please? It seems that we can’t open a support ticket from anywhere (first time it has happened to me with a widely used tool) and it would be greatly appreciated if a support engineer could look into this issue. Moreover, replying to this thread is becoming increasingly difficult as new members are not allowed more than three posts. Thx

“Looks correct” can mean syntactically correct (you’re right, if it’s not then SonarCloud should be throwing an exception). It can also mean “coverage is actually reported on the files I expect” (which if not, wouldn’t cause the scanner to throw an error) — is the second part true?

This is the usual avenue for help for SonarCloud users, but feel free to inquire about commercial support.

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