Unable to find certain repos in GitLab to import

Hello, I have onboarded several projects from GitLab repos but there are a few others I am not able to find through Sonarqube’s GitLab integration project creation. Are there any permission requirements in GitLab or personal token requirements? Is it possible to find the repositories with web api? There is an alm setting key parameter required for the “POST api/alm_integrations/import_gitlab_project”. How do I get this key?

I finally understood how to use web api to do the job.

Use “GET api/alm_settings/list” to get the alm setting key and the use “POST api/alm_integrations/import_gitlab_project” with the alm setting key and the GitLab project ID available in the repo’s home page to import the GitLab repo as a Sonarqube project.

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