Unable to create Auth Token for Local User


Sonarqube Version - v10.1 Data Center Edition
Deployed - Zip

As an administrator, I’m not able to create an Auth Token for the local user account. When I enter all the details(Token Name, Type, Expiry) and click on Generate, the token is generated but the page disappears/refreshes quickly and I’m unable to copy that.
Though I’m able to generate the token and get the value through API.
We do have Community Edition Servers running v9.9.1 and there I don’t face this issue.

Is this a known issue?

Any advice/suggestion would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!!!


Hey there.

Take a look at this thread:

It should be fixed in SonarQube v10.2, scheduled for release this week.

Got it, Thanks @Colin!

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